Matthew Kosloski

Software Developer, Amateur Photographer, Wannabe Compiler Engineer, Casual Gamer, and Mexican Food Consumer

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A portrait photo of Matthew Kosloski in a purple plaid shirt

Hello, I'm Matthew —
a Software Developer from Chicago

Currently, I work at Applied Systems where my team and I are contributing to the transformation of Applied Epic, which is Applied's flagship product. Specifically, Epic is being transformed from a monolithic desktop app to a modern web app with a microservice architecture. The work that we're doing will greatly improve the user experience and reliability of the product and also facilitate access to data via Open APIs.

When I'm not working, I'm playing video games, taking photos, looking up at the night sky with my telescope, implementing new features into my compiler, listening to ASMR, or eating copious amounts of Mexican food (enchiladas are my favorite).

Most Recent Project


A Compiler to x86-64 Assembly

Torrey is a Lisp-like programming language implemented via compilation. Here is the context-free grammar of the language.

Language features include: type inference, integer and boolean primitive expressions, a unary minus expression, binary arithmetic and relational expressions, standard output, lexically-scoped variables, if and if-else expressions, and logical expressions.

Torrey is implemented as a compiler in Java and has a small C runtime. After building an abstract syntax tree (AST) of the program, the compiler translates the AST to an intermediate representation, or IR.

The IR can then be compiled down to one or more target languages. At the moment, the only target language is x86-64 gas assembly; however, additional targets can be added at any time.

This project is actively maintained and additional language features and targets are anticipated.

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Most Recent Experience

  • May '21 Present

    Applied Systems

    Full Stack Developer

    Implementing a new microservice in C#/.Net Core that exposes Open API endpoints to enable our customers to easily integrate third-party applications with Epic, which is Applied's flagship software.

    Within the company's Google Cloud organization, performs modifications to existing Apigee API proxies to enable our customers to consume endpoints exposed by the microservice.

    Writes comprehensive unit and integration tests using xUnit, Jest, and Moq and performs rigorous API security testing.

    By way of documentation, video recordings, and impromptu voice calls, mentors developers on configuring their development environments and troubleshooting of applications.

    Collaborated with the team's SDET to create a Docker image of a SQL test database for the purpose of running end-to-end tests in CI pipelines.

    Proactively fixes defects in the enterprise design system, consequently improving the UX of screens and increasing unit test code coverage of React components.

    Utilizing TypeScript, implements features and fixes bugs in UI screens that leverage the enterprise design system, writing tests using Jest, Cypress, and React Testing Library.

    Increased team productivity by writing a Postman pre-request script to automate the fetching of access tokens before API requests.