Work and Education

I hold a B.S. in computer science and have worked for tech companies, financial institutions, startups, and small businesses

Work Experience

  • May '21 Present

    Applied Systems

    Full Stack Developer

    Implementing a new microservice in C#/.Net Core that exposes Open API endpoints to enable our customers to easily integrate third-party applications with Epic, which is Applied's flagship software.

    Within the company's Google Cloud organization, performs modifications to existing Apigee API proxies to enable our customers to consume endpoints exposed by the microservice.

    Writes comprehensive unit and integration tests using xUnit, Jest, and Moq and performs rigorous API security testing.

    By way of documentation, video recordings, and impromptu voice calls, mentors developers on configuring their development environments and troubleshooting of applications.

    Collaborated with the team's SDET to create a Docker image of a SQL test database for the purpose of running end-to-end tests in CI pipelines.

    Proactively fixes defects in the enterprise design system, consequently improving the UX of screens and increasing unit test code coverage of React components.

    Utilizing TypeScript, implements features and fixes bugs in UI screens that leverage the enterprise design system, writing tests using Jest, Cypress, and React Testing Library.

    Increased team productivity by writing a Postman pre-request script to automate the fetching of access tokens before API requests.

  • Jun '20 Aug '20

    Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

    Application Developer Intern

    Worked with six engineers, a team lead, and a product owner to deliver software solutions to the Federal Reserve's seventh district employees.

    Implemented features and UX enhancements, using Angular, TypeScript/JavaScript, C#/.Net, and Entity Framework, for internal applications related to budgeting, hardware/software ordering, and information security.

    Collaborated with other IT interns to develop a proof-of-concept for securely building Docker images and running containers in a sandbox environment outside the Fed's corporate network.

  • May '19 Aug '19

    Applied Systems

    Web Application Developer Intern

    Interned on the Internal Apps team and built event-driven software (a CLI with C#/.Net Core and a web app with React and Node) that leveraged Salesforce Platform Events.

    Adopted the Atomic Design Methodology and built a custom design system containing user interface components and layout and typography utilities.

  • Jun '17 Oct '17

    Connect-123 International

    Freelance Web Developer

    Collaborated with the CTO on designing a new inquiry flow to acquire more leads.

    Enhanced the existing web inquiry form by enabling eligable applicants to schedule a video interview.

  • Jan '17 Apr '17

    Fogarty Enterprises Inc.

    Freelance Web Designer and Developer

    Gathered requirements and domain knowledge to support the creation of an information architecture and high-fidelity design mockups.

    Created a business website for the client using the WordPress CMS by developing a custom theme and a supporting plugin.


Purdue University Northwest

Aug. '18 May '21

B.S. in Computer Science; Graduated with distinction (top 10%).

For my senior project, I designed a high-level, Lisp-like programming language and implemented it by building a compiler from scratch. The compiler translates the high-level program to x86-64 assembly.

A portrait photo of Matthew Kosloski wearing graduation attire and holding his diploma